Since its foundation in 1991 by Chief Engineer Carlos Dogomar Martinez Beux, DOGOMAR started its operations as an small workshop manufacturing steel structural works and marine repair for marine agents in Santo Tomas de Castilla and Puerto Barrios ports in the atlantic coast of Guatemala. Later on we have transformed in what we proudly can say the pioneers in the atlantic coast of the central American in export steel structures to the US market and marine repairs and conversions.  Recently we have successfully work with companies like TAMPA TANK, INC. manufacturing high capacity shore storage tanks to install all over the region and manufacturing steel structures for FLORIDA STRUCTURAL STEEL .  In the marine division we have also successfully work for companies like CHIQUITA BRAND, COBIGUA, S.A. STANDAR FRUIT COMPANY (DOLE), ZODIAC MARITIME, PERENCO LIMITED, SHELL GROUP, CHEVRON, SEABOARD MARINE, MAERKS SEALAND, among other satisfied customers. Talleres Metalurgicos DOGOMAR has grown and become in what we can qualify as a responsible, flexible, cost competitive and quick options in every work executed offering at the same time quality and confidence to every customer.

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